[Solved] Bug: Cantabile crashes when scrolling with touchpad

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@Brad, I already sent you the crash reports for this problem. The latest unstable build crashes as soon as I use the touchpad on my laptop to scroll up or down (using the two-finger multi-gesture). I have never encountered this problem before in any previous build and have not changed anything to my laptop’s configuration aside from installing the latest build and this seems to happen anywhere in Cantabile when trying to scroll in this way. Rolling back to my previous install (3548) where this was no issue.

Also seeing crashes with mouse wheel, and Ctrl-A…seemingly anywhere in the main windows.


… even ctrl + mouse wheel for me

kind regards, Alexander

Yikes. I’m such an idiot. It’s a wonder 3549 runs at all. New build 3550 should work better…

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Confirming fixed in 3550 - thanks @brad!

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Thanks once again, @brad. I’ll rename this thread to “solved” :slight_smile:

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