SOLVED - Behringer X-Touch Mini and Cantabile 3

I have purchased a Behringer X-Touch Mini and I’d like to use its knobs to control the gain of each rack in my songs.
To do so, I have made some bi-directional bindings in the Background Rack:

  1. two bindings respectively for the Media Player #1 and the Media Player #2 gain;
  2. the other bindings for each rack gain (Rack: Song; Object #1, #2, etc.).

When I load a song, the Midi Player gains are sent to the midi output and change the levels of the X-Touch knobs. The same thing does not happen for the rack gains: no signal to the midi output e no update of the X-Touch knobs; I have tried also to use as target “Rack #1”, “Rack #2”, etc. but the result is the same.
@Brad Could you help me please?

Hi @carpenzano,

Can you send me a copy of the song or rack with the binding with a note on which ones aren’t working and I’ll check it out.


Thanks, @Brad.
Yes, I surely can, but the bidi bindings are in the Background Rack, not in each song.
I have tried a bidi binding in a song and it works perfectly. But I’d like to avoid having to create more than 200 bidi bindings, that’s why I put them in the Background Rack.
I’ll send you a song and the Background Rack.

I solved the problem, it was my mistake.
In order to make the bidi bindings work, one doesn’t have to create them directly in the bindings of the background rack, but has to create a new rack in the background rack (with its midi input and output) and in its bindings insert the bidi bindings.
Thanks again.

Err… that doesn’t sound right. Can you send me an email with more details about this (screenshots, copy of the racks, etc…). Sounds like something is amiss.

Dear @Brad, as usual you are absolutely right and I am completely stupid.
After a double-check I realised that in the bidi bindings of the Background Rack I had misspelled the midi input port name (“Rack: Midi In” instead of the dedicated port “_Mixer Midi In”).
Now everything works perfectly without the need to create a special rack.
Sorry for wasting your time.

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But all evil does not come to harm.
By using two different special racks in the Background Rack - one to set and transmit the gain level of each rack and the other to transmit the audio level of each rack in a song - I can now, at the touch of a button, have the X-Touch Mini’s LED ring of each knob alternately show the gain or audio level of each rack in the song.
Thanks to @Brad for everything Cantabile can do