[SOLVED] Audient Id14 MK II and Cantabile

I am trying to setup my Audient Id14 to facilitate two separate outputs, one for main (FOH) and one for my monitor, and I try to use the two outputs on the Audient for this.

I have created two audio output ports, Main and Monitors, and assigned them to Analogue 1 + 2 an Analogue 3 + 4, respectively. But I can not find a way to separate the sound in the Audient, the same output goes to both set of speakers. And I want both of them to play at the same time, so I can not use the Alt feature. Anyone with one of these that have managed to get separate outputs? And if so - how did you achieve that?

Found the solution, in the Audient control panel select DAW directly for both 1 + 2 AND 3 +4, then the Audient mixer is ignored and the input is send directly to the outputs, leaving me the possibility to use Cantabile as the mixer.

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