Software MIDI Inputs

It would be really handy if Cantabile supported software MIDI inputs – if it did, I would be able to host any VST instrument in it and connect to it through Reason’s generic MIDI device controller.

To get this working with Cantabile 2, I acquired Tobias Erichen’s loopMIDI program – it does a nice job of creating virtual MIDI port pairs, but unfortunately the latency from Reason MIDI in to Reason MIDI out,l through loopMIDI to Cantabile in and then to Virus MIDI in is so high as to make it unusable (for anything other than sysex).

I suspect that if I could avoid the additional latency incurred by travelling from the Reason interface to to the loop Midi interface and then to the Cantabile interface, then playability would be much better (especially since the playability with Reason or Cantabile alone is quite good).

loopMidi is actually a pretty fast (and stable) virtual loop cable and it’s what I use myself. The latency is far more likely to be related to the buffer size of Reason and/or Cantabile. What buffer sizes are you running and can you decrease them a bit to get decent latency?

Also, just for the record, any software MIDI interface I implement natively in Cantabile probably wouldn’t be any faster than loopMidi anyway.

For anyone looking for loopMidi, it’s available here.

Thanks Brad. VERY cool & useful stuff there.

Just for your information, there is another program that i use right now: LoopBe
I don’t use it live, just for re-recording audio out of my midi recordings.