Softube releases new "Model 72" MINI moog VSTi

Softube are weighing in on vintage subtractives … if someone demos this one please post your thoughts!



Checked on the sounds thru a YouTube demo. Some very basic sounds to some very luscious ones. I will definitely check it out if there is a demo.

Huh. If thier synths are as good as their effects this out to be pretty good.

The Sotfube site is screwed up. It took it half an hour to recognize my login and then I tried to download the demo 6 times and it wouldn’t work. If anyone has it can they send me a link??

I’ve managed to get a demo license, but I can’t see anywhere to download the individual plug-in and only a Beta for ‘Softube Central’, which I’m not touching with a bargepole - I’m not beta testing software I don’t need or want.

Whenever iLok is involved I always hit this kind of nonsense. It just makes me give up.


I have Legend, Monark and Minimonsta. Who needs the Nth Minimoog?

From my best guess, sheltered music freaks … :grin: I also have my share of great synths …


But… what if this is THE ONE! Honestly, with Diva and Legend there’s probably no reason for it. But I do want to demo it.

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From my limited prowling I have found that is the main argument for it. All the previous ones had a flaw on some level and the ultra testers are checking this model for those same flaws and claiming it’s modeling is acting as they expected next to their hardware on those tests. A demo by someone with the Model D hardware experience would be great, as you say it may the one …

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Everyone here who suffers from G.A.S. wants it!! It’s also very probable that most of us here have ADHD and OCD. We are geeking on computers and music…so naturally a new shiny toy will grab our attention every time. :joy:


@Corky, I guess ADHD is the Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, OCD is acronym for Obsessive-Compulsive disorder/disease, but I don’t know what G.A S. means. I’m not skill with psycho diseases, better with gastroenterology stuff (it’s true!!!). Having those kinda troubles I build-up a deep knowledge with them :frowning: :roll_eyes:

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For me G.A.S. = Get All the Sh*t disease :smiley: Collector’s disorder.


Gear Acquisition Syndrome…can’t get enough.

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We all have it here.

I’ve got (hardware) a MiniMoog, a Voyager, a Model D, a Slim Phatty… But I’m still up for a few software Moogs too.

You can’t have too much Moog! :grin:


Will demo this soon, the only thing I see in reading the manual is that the mod. noise is controlled by the white/pink selector. On the original the mod. noise source was red noise independent of the w/p rocker.

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Fred, that’s the best GAS meme ever!

Paolo - the official American Psychologists Association definition is Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Fred’s definition is more accurate in the case of VST collecting. The OCD component is that you may not have ALL the VSTs that have been created for a certain synth. This causes anxiety that keeps you up late at night looking for that last one and going through all the hero’s steps of dealing with bad download speed, iLok etc.

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Not to mention the “weight” of the oscillators or the correct implementation of the LFO envelopes or proper modulation matrix routings and whether it sits in a mix like the hardware would …:wink:

questions, questions, questions … like …

‘where can I go in LA to get my poodle clipped (F. Zappa)’

Will I ever sleep?



I’m proudly free of any compulsive Acquisition Syndrome. This is because I work with VST, but I don’t really love them. I love the real gear, the ones I can’t afford (CS-80, MemoryMoog, System 55 etc.) :cry:

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