Smooth Sound Transition between States with trailing audio

As a new user I’m having a bit of trouble going from State to State within a song and keeping the trailing sound from the previous state alive briefly. I believe my problem is different than the one described here here under Smooth Sound Transition because I’ve tried that solution and it only seems to work so long as I am maintaining the same sound throughout both States. I am not. My example is this: I have State1 which is heavily using strings. State2 eliminates the strings and only uses piano. I want to maintain the Strings of State1 long enough to naturally trail off using the Sustain Pedal after I’ve switched to State2 where the piano becomes the main instrument.
What is the best way to achieve this?


I would keep the strings sound effective on the state 2 and only play on the gain until you need; then desactivate them with a biding.

if you play along a mediafile at a tempo well defined, you can set excatly where things come.


Thank you for your reply. I was wondering if Bindings would not be the answer. How best might I achieve the “fade out” using Bindings? If I keep the sound alive deactivating it or turning the gain down via one-click is still a big drop off that I don’t want.

Thanks to some help from Brad, I solved my problem without the complications of Bindings. You can see in image 1 that all my Main Keyboard MIDI inputs are on. Then in image 2 they are off except for the one I want to maintain. So long as I hold the sustain pedal when I switch from State 1 to State 2 those sounds sustain just as I had wanted. So I appreciate all the help.