Small bug plus performance improvement

Hi @brad

Hope all is well. A couple of items:

Current build, 4166, Cantabile Solo.

  1. It appears that the audio thread or buffer is a little faster. I normally run at 64 samples, which shows 15-20% time load, with build 4163 and later it seems to have dropped to 12-18%. Every little bit helps.

  2. In builds after 4162 there appears to be a little screen paint bug. Since your improvements to the Routing Diagram View, it has become my main screen. For some time, I have used bindings to an X-Touch mini to control the plugins/racks, which has worked well. Now, when I push a button to enable/disable the status of a route, the action is happening but the change is not showing in the Routing Diagram View until I do something to trigger a repaint (ie. click the cursor, go out and back into the frame, lasso some objects). The action is displaying normally in the Routing Table View. Other functions from the control surface (change volume, enable/disable plugin/rack) are working normally in the both views.

Thanks for your great support,


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Thanks for reporting. Fixed for next build (4168)


Build 4168 available now.

Download - Cantabile - Software for Performing Musicians.

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