Slower Song Loads

Some time after build 3176, I started having noticeably slower song loads. Build 3179 was the last really stable build for me, with just slightly slow loads. I kept installing the newer builds up to 3181. Because I started crashing. and hanging so much, I reverted back to 3179. Still, I have issues with slower loads, even if I pre-load a set list. I have not changed or added any VSTs. Nothing has changed on my computer. Most of my songs have remained the same. I keep wondering: 1) Is anyone else having slower loads since 3176? 2) Is it possible that so many desires are being implemented that it is slowing things down ( Brad is so generous to us!!!)? 3) Should I go back to 3176?

If anyone has advice, or is having the same glitch, I would appreciate the input.

Have you reported the crashes and hangs to Brad?

For what it’s worth, I haven’t noticed any slow down in song loading.


Yes, I have noticed slower loads as well.

@Neil_Durant Thanx for the response. All my crashes started after 3179. So, when i reverted back, the crashes ended. I didn’t report it to Brad, just because I re-installed 3179. But, the slower load is not really a major thing, but my bandmates now are looking at me to give the go ahead to start a song. Before, the load was instant and my bandmates were amazed that I was ready before they were. I have been thinking about reversing to 3176, just to see if the problem was version specific for me.

@pax-eterna Thank you for the info. Makes me feel better that it is just not me. I really want to try the newer builds, with the newer improvements, but after experiencing a perfect setup, I don’t want to spend a lot of time solving problems, especially as much as I perform.

Maybe @brad has already fixed the problems you were having, in a later build. Either way, the best way to get Cantabile to work well for you is to report any problems to him, so he can fix them for you. He’s fixed loads of stuff I’ve reported to him :relaxed:

Thanks Neil, I think maybe I will back everything up and try the newest build. I can always go back to 3179 as long as I don’t incorporate any of the new features into my songs. I can then report to Brad if the newer versions do the same thing.

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