Slow changing of states

Hey people,

I had two live performances this weekend and something strange happened which happened already a few times in the past years. But I’m unfortunately not able to reproduce it. But I’m keen to hear if anybody else has this issue.

So when I hit the “Next State” button normally Cantabile reacts immediately. But in very rare cases it needs 2-3 seconds to switch the state. During the concert I had no time to shut down C3 completely but I tried to cycle the audio-engine without success.

The strange thing is, that this “delay” only seems to be valid for the UI. The engine itself seemed to run fine. Sounds changed without delay.
Also changing songs took 3-4 seconds more as usual.

Can anybody else confirm this?


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I had some delays between songs during my last gig a week ago - maybe 5 secs or so until sounds were playable, but not on every song, which made this a bit unpredictable. Caused me to mess up an intro… :rage:

Using build 3615 live.



BTW: of course, pre-loading activated for the setlist…

Thanks for the feedback.

It was consistent on my system throughout all songs. Of course same here: preloaded setlist as always.

I also experienced considerable delay when switching between songs (4-5 seconds). I am using the last version of build 3615.

Same here. Very rare so difficult to reproduce

ps. os windows 7x64

kind regards

Are any of you using the latest Windows 10 update? I see a lot of folks still having issues with it. Maybe that is causing the delay?

  • Paul

Haven’t updated my windows for over a year.

Since I was planning to migrate from 3613 to 3615 for stability, should I just go to 3614, or higher to avoid 3615 problems?

Me too … so I will follow this post …

On my workstation I use a quite old version (not sure about the exact build. But must be a least 6months old) of cantabile cause I had a lot of gigs past year and didn’t want to take any risk.


I migrated to 3626 this past week, and tried it in 2 rehearsals, no problem. However, I did back up my all my Cantabile files as @Brad suggested. I am gigging, rehearsing, and recording 5-6 days a week, so I took a big risk and tried it in rehearsals. I had gigs on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I used my backup laptop with 3613 on Wednesday and Friday. Saturday was a more relaxed gig, so I used my main laptop with 3626. My backup stayed powered up just in case. 3626 performed perfectly. No delay in switching songs, or states in a pre-loaded set list. All my bindings seemed to work fine, but my setups are mostly simple, nothing like @Torsten’s elaborate work of art. :wink:

I had to get away from 3613, so when @Brad deemed 3626 stable, I jumped on the train, hoping not to fall on the tracks. I normally will not make a change with upcoming gigs, but I am averaging 4-5 gigs a week through the end of the year, and 3613 was driving me nuts. So far it was a good choice for my lean setup, which I will use until I get a break. My backup is there if I need it, and I am gaining more confidence in the build everyday. I haven’t had time to check out all the new features yet, but plan to soon. I worked on a huge post for the organ tips thread during the summer, but B-3X came along and offset it. Plus I took on some recording gigs, and extra seasonal gigs which made a change from 3613 a high priority. Keeping fingers crossed.

This issue is nothing that comes up regularly. It happens maybe in one of 20 times or even less.

But it happens and I’d like to know what can I do to either prevent this or to log it so Brad can see what’s going wrong … since it’s not really repeatable it would be great to know what to do in such case to get to the ground of it.

I agree. I ran logger, and it would not show up. Just got frustrated enough to take a chance on the new build. .So far so good.

I had this problem again on my last gig.

Is there a way to log it so you can see what’s going on? Would a dump-file help?