Sliding controller ranges

Great to see a new experimental Cantabile build and OS X progress, detailed in today’s blog post:

Just wondering what kind of use cases “Sliding” mode would have. Discard and Clamp modes seem straightforward and useful, but Sliding seems more subtle. The only thing I can think of is to make something like a pedal or know work in a relative way from wherever it starts, rather than needing to find the biting point.


If I were using ranges for my expression pedals, sliders or knobs, I would definitely appreciate the new “sliding” mode. That is a great addition in my book! :smile:

(I may even USE ranges now!!!) :wink:


nice, and very well explained in the Blog, @brad

The main case is for knobs/sliders where you’ve mapped them up to be more sensitive. The idea is that turning either direction will always do something - unless you’ve hit the target limit.