Size of the text in controller bar buttons

Hi Guys,

I’m just having a play with the MIDI controller variables functions (which are fabulous by the way!). I’m using them to display the current value of a volume pedal. I’ve got a lovely big display in show notes if I so choose but I would love to do it with the controller bar buttons so I don’t have to have show notes with every song, it would just be there automatically in live mode all the time. However, whatever size I make the button, the text in it resolutely stays the same size. Is there any way (or maybe make this a feature request if not) to make the font bigger in a specific button?

Cheers as always,


Currently not supported, but interested to hear if others would find this useful…

Hi Brad,

I thought on this a few days and agree with Pierce that it would help to be able to increase font sizes on the controller bar but I wonder if a larger control surface plan in the pipe that would do this anyway. If not then I know it would be good to have. On the latest CC variable readout type bindings you made (very cool) it let’s me monitor my expression pedal. I really use this now and it improves my accuracy on complex expression pedal work. So the bigger font choices have my vote.