Site Suggestion: Be able to see all of the topics on the main screen

First, GREAT site overall. It’s good to see that you have a site JUST for your software & it’s not lost on KVR or something. Remember the old days?

It would be helpful to see the categories listed on the screen so choices can be make just by looking at the main screen “All Categories” & seeing them categorized out there & not see a bunch or threads with lots of different subjects. What you have is fine for the couple hundred users that are currently here, but what happens when you get as big a NI or Cakewalk??? THEN it’ll be REALLY confusing. Jus’ayin it won’t be long :wink: .

I WAS going to suggest a way to get back to the category, but I just found that when I click on the little button/icon gizmo NEXT to where it says, “Site Feedback” it actually takes me to that category. Go figure…

More as I look around…

You mean like this?

I could change the default to Categories, but for regulars I think the Latest page makes more sense. Either way, the Categories page is just one click away, or you could bookmark it. :smile: