Singlepress, doublepress and modifier keys


Hi there!

I created some bindings which allows to fire different actions on singlepress, doublepress or on press with a modifier key.

Midibutton 1 singlepress: Start/Pause
Midibutton 1 doublepress: Stop

Midibutton 2 + Midibutton A: Select Rack 2 State A
Midibutton 2 + Midibutton B: Select Rack 2 State B
Midibutton 2 + Midibutton C: Select Rack 2 State C

The doublepress can also be used as a safety function: for preventing to accidently hit the “next song” button, assign it as a doublepress action and leave the singlepress action empty.

If someone is interested, I can share the files with the bindings for all that.

Greetings, Tom

Binding to a "long" note/controller press, or double press within 1 second?

Hi Tom,

that does sound interesting. I’d like a look at your files, please.

Just bought a handy Foot Controller :)

Me too please - I’m not sure how I’d use it in practice, but I’m interested to see how you’ve done it :relaxed:

Neil (the other one)


Just finished work for today :wink:

Ok, I have little time right now, but perhaps you cn figure it out how the binding stuff works.

DoublePress.cantabileSong (42.4 KB)
SecondFunction.cantabileSong (38.3 KB)

The main idea behind the doublepress functionality is, to enable a certain midi routing for an amount of time. When you press the same button a second time within that time range, it will get routed through the activated midi routing but on a different midi channel. The rest should be clear.

The idea behind the modifier key is to enable a midi routing with a unique target midi channel while the modifier key is pressed. That lets you choose different actions for one button which gets pressed while holding down the modifier key.
Another nice feature of this is that you can perform two actions simultaneously while holding down two modifier keys.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Greetings, Tom

A new usage scenario
MIDI Note groups / chords as binding source?

could you explain a bit the structure and working of your files?