Single midi key to toggle media player files sequentially

Not sure if I’m saying this properly, but this is what I want to do.
Load a media player with 3 files (each file is a chord). Bind a midi foot pedal to it. Play one note on the foot pedal and the first file plays. Hit the same note and the second file plays. Hit the same note and the third file plays. Hit the same note and it cycles and plays the first file again.

I have a softstep 2 midi pedal and this would make it easy to cycle through chord progressiions in a song…

What’s the best way to accomplish this in C3?

I think I used to be able to do it with Ableton Live a while back…


This might point you in a useful direction:
Apply a Midi Filter to the Media Player and employ the Latch Controller function.
That allows you to input a controller value and every time that specific controller is received the value will step according to values which you provide, separated by commas, Easier to look at than describe:
Filter example
If you create further filters to trigger the media files on specific values you determine.


Thanks… I’ll give it a shot…

Ade - thanks but maybe I’m not getting it - can you give me a step by step on how to add a midi filter to a media player? I’ve been working in Ableton and have exported my wav files, and I have them loaded into a media player in Cantabile…

Hi Joe,

this where you add the filter (the midi output route from the media player in question).


Dave - trying to understand the logic here. I have a single button on the floor. it sends a single midi note. i bind it to the media player play button. when I click it, it plays the loaded file. When I click it again I want it to play the second loaded file, click again, play the third, click again go back to the first.

Not sure how to do this using the midi out of the media player when the media player is playing a wav file? Is it different if I have it playing a midi file where I can have the midi output go through the midi filter?

How about this:

  • create an embedded rack in your song that does nothing but convert the same note into consecutive program changes
  • use the output of this rack to trigger the media players

Looks like this:

The trick lies in the binding in Rack 1: setting the target of a binding to multiple values means that Cantabile will cycle through these values, so the first time the rack receives a C-1, it will send program chance 1, next time it will send 2, and so on.

The bindings at song level will then simply start the appropriate media player when Rack 1 generates these program changes.

Should work…