Single key octaves - how in Cantabile?

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I need to be able to play single key-activated octaves for a horn section patch, which I may trigger as a state in a song that otherwise plays single notes. I didn’t find a way to do this in the plug in patch, and I’ve been looking over all the Cantabile guides and manual for hints. I don’t want to have to load 2 instances of the same plug in and set them an octave apart in to waste memory. I’m looking at doing it via my 88 key controller if I can’t do it in Cantabile Performer. Seems simple, but bear with me as this is the first new live play rig I’ve bought in 20 years.

Hi Carl, welcome to the forum.

I use these two free vsts for chording with a single key. They will also do octaves:

PizMIDI can be downloaded here:

Chordz free VST

Coincidentally, we are currently discussing these programs in this thread:

There are other ways, but I find these easy to use. Hope this helps you.



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Hi Carl,

You can also use Cantabile to create multiple input routes for the same plugin with one of the routes transposed and octave up or down. e.g.

Notice the second route is transposed up 1 octave



yep, that’s my usual approach: create two routes, transpose one up or down by an octave, use song states to activate or deactivate one of them…

Wow, this forum literally rocks. Can’t believe the flurry of prompt responses from all of you very helpful pros and hobbyists (more of what I am obviously!).

Corky, just like you, I’m in a 3 piece where I’m holding down a lot of the sound as keyboardist/bassist, and these VSTs will come in handy, even beyond simple octaves.

A million thanks,



That’s an awesome simple solution. Wouldn’t of thought of that or thought it possible, but makes me appreciate the flexibility of Cantabile. Thank you Dave, and thank you Torsten for confirming this. I’ll probably use this for the simple octaved instances and look at Corky’s VSTs for something more complex when I need it.

I’m loving this forum already.


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Yes, two Cantabile routes from midi-source to the VSTi works very well. However, I’ve noticed that the two routes overlay each other in the Routing view so you may not remember there are two routes. It would be cool if the dual routes were slightly offset from each other.

Chordz works well, too. Just a thought: The input midikeyboard can be split such that each zone goes to a separate Chordz instance which are all routed to the same VSTi. Chordz only handles a single octave of input notes, so sometimes having multiple input keyboard zones helps. That way, E4 now can play a different chord than E5. With Chordz, one is free to map any note to any single note or chord. If you use midi bass footpedals, you can keep all your notes close together and just feel your way from pedal to pedal without having to constantly look at your feet. Start at the low end and just work your way up a note at a time and make other notes sound… What a cheater. I thought Brad was working on a Cantabile-internal chord midi-filter?