Simultanious recordings suggestion

Not sure if this is possible, probably going to be a limitation of my computers OS/hardware… but…

Multiple recording (outputs?)

I’d like to be able to record a clean version of what I play along with a version with all the VST bells and whistles.
Even better would be 3rd simultaneous recording with the media player track.

2.VST effects
3.VST effects and media player track

I like to play along to a recording I’ve made and record some bass, then play that mix and add more to it… like a looper pedal.
Would like to setup the records to keep a clean track version of each dub while getting a single recording of all together.

Edit: Also… If I have multiple instruments playing at one time, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, etc… I can get a group recording along with individual recordings of each instrument.

As I’m new to Cantabile, vsts and pretty much all this, it may already be possible. Or maybe not useful to anyone else?


Hi JDude_AU,

All this is possible in Cantabile. It is a matter of creating the necessary Audio Ports in the Options panel and careful setting the designation of the respective VST instruments and effects (there is no limit to the number of ports assigned to each VST). As a final step, one needs to choose the Ports to Record in the Recordings Panel.

Yup - just a health warning: everything will be recorded into a multichannel WAV file. If you want to extract individual parts, you’ll need to either open those WAV files in a DAW that supports multichannel WAV or use a specific tool like SOX to extract individual channels.



Thanks @Boyan and @Torsten.

Not as simple as adding multiple recoding modules, the way I can add multiple media players and then drag paths around to connect up the Instrument and effect modules, but all I need is the functionality so I’ll look deeper into Cantabile to get used to all it can do.


I made a video showing how I do it - MANY tracks, extracted using Audacity (with named tracks as a result) then brought into my DAW (Samplitude in the example).


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