Simulate Sustain Pedal?

I feel like this is something I’ve seen on a changelog or blog for cantabile but I can’t find it at the moment and it’s driving me crazy.

So I’m knee deep in Midi guitar world - as in actual guitar-shaped midi controllers. They have pros and cons but that’s not the point. The point is that the YouRock Guitar seems to send Note Off for your current note IMMEDIATLY as soon as you play another note. Even tinkering with the settings doesn’t seem to change this.

This is a real problem with several plugins like Shreddage or Ample Guitar that do have modes for Midi Guitar, but will never Legato Slide or Hammer on unless two notes overlap. And at least in Shreddage (which is the one I’ve been spending the most time in), there’s no way to force articulations, and no support for a sustain pedal.

I figure there’s gotta be a way in Cantabile to temporarily suppress Note Off messages, but I can’t seem to find one. There’s a couple midi buttons on the YouRock Guitar and I’m envisioning pressing one, it acting like a “sustain” pedal allowing notes to overlap and slides and hammerons to function, and then going back to playing normally.

Using a “Sticky Note” filter filter might behave like what you want. Since it’s a guitar, Max Polyphony would be 6. Bind one of the buttons on the YouRock to either be the Master Release Note/CC. I’m not sure about the Retriggerable box. In this way, a note would continue to ring until that note is hit again (may not be what you want) OR all the notes stop when you press the button that sends the Master Release. I fear, for instance, if you strum a G chord, the six notes would ring. Then, if you strum it again, they would all go off. I can also see issues if you slide or hammer. The original note only goes off if played again OR the Master Release is pressed.

Trial and error with filters and routing might improve responses closer to a real guitar.

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