Simple piano roll to record and edit midi file?


I use a Circuit Tracks to mix and it’s ok and i iuse cantabile to have vsthost and midi connections, but i can’t find any vst with this basic feature.

I don’t want to use any big daw (i know and liked the reason’s piano roll) or yet another midi editor with no interaction with asio, midi controller and full buggued/incomprehnsible lol

i tested lot of vst (captain chords/melody, phrasebox;, riffer, smidy, mini ringo) but i never find just that

maybe i finally missing something with vst and apps ?

I missing the vst of my dreams ?

(last request, i hope this vst can be displayed into a little screen in 1024x600 )

I guess you are looking for a DAW, while Cantabile is a powerful VST host.

I know what is a daw

It’s not juste Cantabile + a piano Roll

I’m not a professional but i use reason since 20years and i Can see the différences

A grid with a piano Key JPEG wich can record midi signal should be easy to do, from someone can build a vsthost :thinking:

If a plugin exist, i want to know lol

I search since 3monthes

The simple answer is: no
There is Circlys. (limited editing)
There is Piz’s midiLooper (buggy)
There is Mulab 9 plugin (bit complicated but is the real deal)
There is FLStudio plugin (I’ve not tried but should be similar to Mulab 9 plugin)

It would be great if @brad would consider taking on Piz’s midiLooper.
Did I say ‘great’? I meant ‘awesome beyond words’.

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