Simple CC Generator

Would it be possible to include a MIDI out generator that could produce various continuous controller data. ( mostly I want a MIDI CC7 volume control fader for external synthesizers. It could be a virtual input source like the onscreen keyboard. Is this already do-able some other way? I would find this useful.



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Sounds like a job for a MIDI VST plugin (or a MIDI file in a media player). I think it really depends on your requirements… eg: what would trigger this, is it timing based data, sounds like you want to send a stream of values etc…

There are no simple vst solutions I’ve seen when looking around so I asked if it could be part of C3. What I would like is a Fader that could produce MIDI CC 7 values 0~127 and then be routed to my midi hardware out port and elsewhere.

By Fader do you mean an automated fade up/down that can be triggered, or do you just mean an onscreen slider control?

onscreen slider control

OK. There’s nothing built in, but you can hack it…

  1. Insert a dummy rack eg: “CCSender”
  2. Create a binding from that rack’s gain setting to send MIDI CC 7

Note you’ll need to create the binding in the parent song/rack - not in the CCSender rack itself since you can’t bind from the parent songs gain slider from there.

Now when you move the rack’s gain slider, it’ll send CC 7 events.

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Another solution is to use a custom button (configured as a popup slider) in live mode:

and then use onscreen keyboard as a source

kind regards, Alexander

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Many Thanks for that Alexander.
The only thing is that I can’t direct it to a specific port, it turns all the volumes up and down for everything. Am I doing it wrong?


Thanks @brad this worked fine!


Add a route from onscreen keyboard to a specific port, maybe this helps…

Unfortunately can’t check if it works right now

kind regards, Alexander

@Alexander approach would work too however it doesn’t really give a good onscreen display of the current value.

See also.

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I want to use a rack Gainslider to Remote my X32 Mixer

Controller Rx and Tx to and from the Mixer… But my result is a 'jumping’

can you Tell me what’s going wrong? :thinking:

Hi Juergen,

I assume you are using @brad example above. If so check the value ( on far right of binding slot you made ),
when you click the value it produces a settings box

try the different encoding options and see if that helps.



Thank you for your help but the Problem is the same :sob:

Sorry to hear it but I was wondering if you could give more info on this, Could you post a screen shot of your binding and routing pages? Also @brad or @Neil_Durant seem to understand this use case better than I, maybe they will chime in.


No Problem because I only want to use one Direktion from Cantabile to x32 and so automatically it will have the same Position as my Mixer.

…is it possible to connect the Main Rack Fader to the Rack Output fader?

I want to avoid to open the Racks only to correct the Part volume…

Ok! :grinning: I have it!!

I use both outputsliders

One to send and One to receive
Then i made a custom slider and bind it to both.

That works :grinning:


Great news, glad you found a way


I was confused but i tested again with the mainslider of the Rack
and that’s running

perfektly with your Tip


Even better news!