Shut down cantabile long waiting time

When I’m closing down cantabile i have to wait half a minute to a minute before it really is closed.

Why? It didn’t used to be that long.
Can i do something about it?


Just curious, is it related to a specific set/song/plug in combination. If you load cantabile and start with a completely blank setup, does it change the timing?

Hi Derek,

Yes you’re right. It closses much faster without any song. Its the number of samples loaded in kontakt and omnisphere and the numbers of songs loaded in the setlist, what makes it slow in shutting down the programm.

When you close Cantabile, it closes each plugin it has loaded to free up your computer memory. The more you’ve got loaded, the longer it takes.


I noticed and researched something similar today; here’s my findings.

The Issue

Sometimes shutdown seems to take forever. But not always.

The Reason

I have preload setlist on, and I do load TONS of stuff, mainly different piano plugins that take massive amounts of memory. When all is loaded I total well over 12 Gb.

Here’s the thing: when Cantabile starts, and becomes responsive, i.e. after loading all plugins, lots of plugins are actually not done loading everything. When I look at the resource monitor, I can see that for about 2 minutes after Cantabile becomes responsive, plugins keep loading memory in the background.

If I shutdown Cantabile at a point where all has been loaded, it shuts down fast.

But … if I shutdown Cantabile while some plugins are still loading samples … it gets really slow, and can take over 2 minutes. If I look at memory use in the resource manager, while Cantabile is shutting down, I see that memory use actually goes UP during the Cantabile shutdown. And Cantabile only shuts down “for real” after all memory for all plugins has been loaded.

Mystery solved: it’s not the freeing of the memory that takes time. It’s the fact that certain plugins are still loading and Cantabile holds off on shutting down till all has been loaded. In resource monitor I can actually see the memory getting freed - and it’s a matter of seconds - even for 12Gb.

Perhaps you are seeing something similar?

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Hi @Tom_Tollenaere

Nice find. Yep, I’m guessing some plugins just don’t like shutting down while they’re trying to startup :slight_smile:

To get a bit better insight on all this you could have turned on Console Logger (in Options -> Diagnostics). That would give you some details on what Cantabile is doing (probably waiting for a plugin to unload).