Show specific show note using bindings

I know some of you have been using show notes for a long time but I am just starting to experiment with them, so I hope you don’t mind me asking something which is possibly a basic beginner question.

What I’m trying to do is let C3 show a specific show note (or, alternatively, scroll the show notes so that that specific note appears at the top of the show notes window) when I reach a certain transport position.

What I have done so far is use the new transport bindings to create a binding for a transport position: Transport > On Position > [transport position value] > View > Show Notes Scroll Position > [value]. My questions:

  • What does [value] stand for? It it a percentage of the total song length?
  • How do I find out what value to enter to make the show notes scroll to the exact position I want?
  • Is it possible to make C3 show only a specific show note (e.g. “VERSE 2”) and not the rest? I can’t find that option anywhere. It would be great if each note were assigned a unique value that then could be referenced in the bindings.

Thanks for any help or suggestions,

Hi Herman,

It stands for the percentage of the total scroll list 1.00 being the bottom and zero being the top. All other decimal point fractions of 1.00 point to various positions along the total notes list top to bottom

I used a little estimating based on the length of the notes list and trial and error till I got it right. It is different for each song due to how it works.

I know that currently that is not provided but can’t answer about whether it might be in a later version that one is for @Brad



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Thanks for you explanations, Dave. Now I know that at least I am doing it the right way.

As Dave said, not at the moment. The only way to do this would be to use states to hide all the others - but this isn’t always a workable solution. I’m not sure what direction Show Notes is going to take going forwards - still thinking about it.


If each individual note were given a unique ID and then could use a binding to show just that specific ID (or range of IDs), that would be great. But I’m aware that you are thinking about the topic of show notes in general, @brad, and will be happy to wait for whatever you will come up with for us in the future :slight_smile:

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