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Good evening!

I have a question. I have quite a few VST plugins running - apart from using the profiler is there a quick and easy way to display running/by-passed VSTs in one place - like a pop-up floating window? During performance I sometimes need to remind myself which VST is actually running in that moment without clicking each onscreen object to discover its current state. Profiler is ok but I would like something clearer to view.

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Hi Beth
Hope I am reading you correctly.
Profiler is a tool, usually showing CPU load and other tools. I can see it being used in that manner. If I am needing to see what is running, then in the table view, you could reduce plugs into a single line (basically not showing inputs and outputs) and you can see the audio meters lighting up on what is actively playing. You can label each plug at the far right (note area) for reference. I am sure someone else will chime in with a different approach.

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Hi Corky

Yes…I have used that approach although my eyes go wonky after a while trying to scan across the table view - even with columns squashed together. I wondered if there might be, somewhere, a simple floating box that lists VST name and its current state on/off/bypassed - useful for VST effects that are used in different sections of a song. Maybe this is a request to @brad but wanted to make sure first! :slight_smile:

Edit: For example, when I am in my DAW I can scan to the left of the screen and instantly see which/how many VSTs are active at one time on a certain track or instrument - which is more useful than I realised!

I am really unaware of any other screen you could use for that purpose. Doesn’t mean there aren’t any…just not aware of any. If I come up with something, I will get back to you. As I said, someone else may have an answer. If so, we will both be enlightened. :wink:

I could probably use some vst meters and line them up on the main screen with labels. I was, however, able to do that using Blue Cat plugs.

Hi @Beeellecee,

Thanks for suggesting this. There’s nothing like that at the moment, but it’s definitely an interesting idea and I’ve logged it here.



Thanks @brad