Show Notes Scrolling Controller a Utility Rack for Cantabile 3 Performer ◾ 2021

Hi Folks,

While working on the Fader Rack updates lately I got some ideas on how to make a Show Notes scrolling timer that evenly scrolled the notes based on the length of the backing tracks in the media players in the song. It doesn’t have pause flags like SongBook and just scrolls from top to bottom of your notes at a pace that mirrors the song length.

So, here’s the idea. I created a utility rack that uses a MIDI file with a streamed value of 0 -127. I then made a way to easily measure the length of the backing track in a given Song and then set the scroll time file playback length to the same approximate amount. The rack is directly able to auto scroll the Show Notes pane with no other connections. So, after you unzip the zip file to your racks folder you drop it a song with backing tracks and then press the first custom rack button that toggles the timeline window, it will initially show the default timeline for the scroll track which is about 4:00 minutes …

Next select the backing tracks’ Media Player and it will switch the Timeline view to show the track that’s loaded at it’s full length and take note of that length by looking at the right edge of the time line pane on it’s time scale.

Next you click on the first custom button again twice to bring back up the scroll timing track and then use the slider on the rack to match it’s length to your original track length using the timeline at the bottom for visual aid.

When done close the timeline pane by pressing the first custom button again

And finish the setting by pressing the third custom button to save the settings and you’re done.

Done …

The scroll starts with the transport and will pause when it does as well. Here is the zip file with the rack and midi file folder with file.

SnapShot 99

C♪3 Show Notes (16.1 KB)




Thanks Dave! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now.

Very intrresting. I’ll try it. Thx a lot

Thanks Robb, :grinning:

I’ve been trying different ideas out on this case use of scrolling the show notes. Stay tuned as I am working on a smoother version that requires no midi files or players and is contained in a single drop in a song utility rack. :nerd_face:



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To those interested folk I have posted the promised new version of this utility here



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not working for me … and don’t know why…Did I missed something???
So I 've tried your first version with the mediafile target. It’s working really good. (called Show note scrolled)

I’m sorry, which version is not working for you, can you point to a post? Is it the newer SIMPLE SCROLL rack I shared?

slmple scroll and simple scroll no

OK what’s not working about it and how is it loaded in the song you are using to test it?

I don’t know where to tick Show loppback port

I think I miss something

In the songs I use mediafiles and sampes to play along

It’s in the Tools>Options etc …

ok, as I put the french langage, i was in difficulties ; I check that point now

ok!! now it’s working. Thanx

Your Welcome REY!

An advanced version is going to come out soon with more features …


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when I move in the mediafile, the scroll doesn’t follow. Is that normal ?
I made several markers and like to go to one or another when I make rehearsals

or is it working just from the begining?

Yes that is normal. The rack uses estimated time or duration of the track you choose and enter and is not locked in to the Main transport that way. It only responds to the simple play stop and pause commands. The capability you ask about is beyond this rack solution but it may appear later on when Brad does the over haul on these areas of the program. I would need to think about how this could be done because to be honest it’s the first time it ever came up. Even “SongBook” and Torstens’ “Live Prompter” do not behave that way I think. Let me think on it REY.



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sorry to bring you work in the way :slight_smile:

Hmm, that’s an interesting one - to sync LivePrompter to a specific position would require absolute Midi time information like Song Position Pointer or Midi Time Code.

SPP is a bit fidgety, especially with tempo changes, and MTC adds quite a bit of overhead to the Midi stream. Not sure if Cantabile media players send any kind of timing information…


Seems to be a complicate aim.
I am not the right person to help…

Maybe using markers as reference for changing blocks… as we can put different blocks of edited text. But has blocks got numbers that could be recalled by bindings?