Show Notes Dynamic Variables

I’ve been investigating Dynamic Variables with the Show Notes such as showing the clock and temp in the upper right corner of a static jpg notes screen on a floor display monitor with the Cantabile WEB UI. I’d like to get a little more involved and show the CC values of some expression pedals that go through Cantabile to a Kemper Profiler. The Cantabile Manual states that MIDI CC variables of the “On Screen Keyboard” can be displayed in the show notes as using $cc(ccchannel)), but I see no references or methods to displaying CC from other MIDI inputs as dynamic variables. Is there a way to show an input or output CC value other than from the onscreen keyboard as a dynamic variable?

By the way, the Cantabile WEB UI works great. dsteinschneider modified some css code about a year ago and I use it to show a jpg screen-capture from a PowerPoint at my feet (this jpg would be the background image in Show Notes). Moving forward, showing some dynamic variables over the static background image woud be nice.

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The trick is to route your pedal into the Onscreen Keyboard:

Then you can display it using something like
Expr = $(cc(11,1))
in your Show Notes.

– Jimbo

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Thank you. That works perfectly. I’ve never thought of the onscreen keyboard as an output destination, only an input.