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I try to post my question once more. It’s very unusual to get no advice here … Is there something unclear what I’m trying to ask for? Here it comes again …

Good evening,
what’s the status quo of the show notes section? Is it autoscrollable meanwhile, is it possible to adjust the size of the contents etc.? Does it function more like a texteditor or a browser? Is it possible to import pdf?
Thanks for your help

I can only tell you what I’ve done and noticed with Shownotes. I don’t think Shownotes will autoscroll. Shownotes is like a text editor with text size, alignment, bold/normal, and color only. For me to display all the information I need, I make a PowerPoint display, save as a jpg, then use that jpg as a background in the Shownotes. There is no limit to the colors, sizes, locations, etc. of the information on the jpg. It’s a bit of trial and error to find the write PowerPoint size to display on your monitor. Cantabile will show the entire jpg, so it may shrink the jpg to fit; changing the aspect ratio in PowerPoint will allow maximization of the displayable jpg. In other words, if you made the jpg 10 ft wide and 1 ft high, the jpg will shrink to show the entire 10 ft width on the screen. I also use the Cantabile Web browser mode to display the Shownotes on a separate monitor. Running Firefox in Kiosk mode (full screen) uses as much of the displayable screen as possible to cram even more information on the shownotes jpg background.

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Hi easteelreath,
thank you for your answer - that is nearly the way I use shownotes - not as sophisticated with fitting ft and screen sizes etc. but similar … I use Libre Office and take screenshots. I think it would be really helpful to have an autoscrolling feature like in - I’m sure it would not be a great effort for a programmer like Brad - maybe he will read these lines sometimes … :slight_smile:

Have you checked out LivePrompter?

It’s free, and it works nicely with Cantabile (see the special guide “Liveprompter & Cantabile”.

And of course it has extensive autoscroll features.

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Hello Torsten,
thank you so much - how could I forget your LivePrompter - I’ll surely give it a try and I’m sure it’s a great tool!
Best regards