Show me your Cantabile Rig!


And in all honesty, I don’t remember him playing it. It would be interesting to find out if he used it on record much if at all. If the Cruise hadn’t been postponed I’d ask him :smiley:



(sorry for the low effort, I kind of need that during those times)


Here’s a better shot from '82. There don’t seem to be any shots from '84 out there which is odd…


Be it ever so humble, I present my “rig”. The only live playing I’m doing these days in a band context is with my praise team at church. Not complex music, but it’s ripe with possibilities and I use “states” to create multiple sound setups per song. One keyboard does me fine. I’m using the church’s old Roland RD700sx as my midi controller. I gorilla tape my focusrite scarlette 2i2 and Korg NanKontrol 2 to the keyboard. The laptop sits on a stool at my left. State and song changes are made via foot pedal plugged into an Audiofront Quattro. The mixer at far left is part of the church’s Roland in-ear monitor system. I load chord charts as PDF’s into Forscore app and can view, edit and arrange them on my iPad Pro. Because the keyboard stays in place, it only takes me at most 10 minutes to set up and break down and everything I need to take home fits in my backpack gear bag.


Clean and nice!


Finally got mine how I like it:

I don’t gig much. The idea is to avoid paying >£2000 for a workstation.


Looks very familiar :slight_smile: - resembles my setup. I have looked at getting the Focusrite positioned like you have done it, but it kept being unstable and tend to fall down. How have you fastened it to the keyboard?


Yes, I discovered that keyboard stand extension recently. It’s actually for a microphone but I also found a mic to vesa adaptor. It’s a great space saver.

This stuff:

I think I just searched for heavy duty velcro. So far I haven’t had anything fall off but it hasn’t been subject to stage vibrations.