Show me your Cantabile Rig!


Drool Fest !! :grinning:


Just love your setup, thanks for sharing


This is my first post. My main instrument is bass but over the years I’ve occasionally filled in on keyboards. I started home recording in the 90’s with a Pentium II running Cakewalk on DOS, a Korg M1, a Voce MicroB/Spin, an Alesis D4 plus bass and guitar. I used a Tascam 238S 8 track cassette and a Mackie 1604 mixer.

My latest home recording setup is Reaper running on a 3.4 Ghz i7 Dell Optiplex with 16GB RAM and a pair of Samsung Evo SSDs, a Lexicon Alpha, an AT2020, a Midisport 2x2, a Korg NanoKontrol2 and a Roland XP-80. I mostly use Lounge Lizard, VB3, Hybrid, Repro-1, IK Philharmonik, Amplitube SVX and Jamstix plugins.

Because the above pianos and organ plugins sound so fantastic I’ve been practicing rock keyboard parts more and decided to figure how to use the plugins live. Cantabile was the perfect choice. I’m trying to keep it simple and inexpensive until I play out more. Not sure how ill advised it is but I’m happy I can use ASIO4All with the laptop’s soundcard and just my MidiSport for now (and can put off purchasing the Scarlett 2i4 I’ve picked out).

I’m using an eight year old Dell Vostro 1520 2.6Ghz core 2 duo, 8GB RAM and 250 Evo SSD laptop running Win10 x64.


Nice, very clean rig! I started with Cakewalk 3.0 (DOS), a D4 and a Korg 01/W (aka the M10). Eerily similar!


Thanks Fred,

Glad you commented, I’ve got Further Up And Further In (Live) cranked, you guys are amazing!



Aw, that’s too cool! Thanks! (I used to have that same keyboard stand too… :wink: )


I think now it is ready for me to use,
with a new rack power supply on the back it is much better to organize my power adapter’s inside the Rack.
Also new 2xHDMI,3xUSB and 1Network connection easy to reach on the back.
For Cooling their are 2Fans:
1directly in the lower drawer above the surface
(5V Usb Powered/ from an old Netbookcoolingpad)
and a second one on the side in the midlle of the rack
(adjustable on the Frontpanel)

…so Outside the Rack their is only an IPad mini connected with rtp-MIDI per cable.

For me this is a good solution because I can open the drawer and take my surface with me to the livingroom…
(I am only a hobby musician / to use it on stage i would take a mini PC and fix it inside)


And now something different. Here’s my little post-punk Cantabile guitar setup (plus some Korg toys to have fun at home). Works great in every environment :slight_smile:

What I am using are 2 guitars (ibanez and some weird Japanese tele), Livid Guitar Wing controller (love it), Behringer interface, Korg NanoPad2 and NanoKey2 + some cable and wireless connectors to keep the stuff together.


I[quote=“kalisz79, post:268, topic:633”]
What I am using are 2 guitars (ibanez and some weird Japanese tele), Livid Guitar Wing controller (love it), Behringer interface, Korg NanoPad2 and NanoKey2 + some cable

Kalisz…Love the set up through… What is all that controlling? Are you using any VST’s?


Yes, all guitar sound processing within one small asus laptop :slight_smile: and VST amp simulation and effects, however as I am planning some serious live performances using this setup, I am a bit afraid if playing without any amp will do the job (see my neighbouring discussion thread). Hope it will. :wink:

Re korgs - I am also playing (in terms of fun rather than actual playing) some vst instruments using these controllers, however guitar is my main focus and Cantabile’s main responsibility here.


Kalisz…I am in a duo and my guitarist uses a Boss ME-80 with no amp (I don’t use one either). We both play direct to the mixer and there isn’t much he can’t create with that ME80. We use in-ear monitors and he’s happy as can be with his sound. He actually just told me he hears it better now than when he depended on his amp. He just picked up a Fishman Triple Play wireless midi system for his guitar. Since I am expecting delivery of a Roland Intergra 7 sound module tomorrow to go along with all my VST’s, he wants to utilize it as well. I guess I’m going to have to figure out how to share that. I also use Guitar Rig 5 Pro when I am playing guitar parts and I think it sounds pretty awesome.


My friend SteveK, good to see you back. I have a Japanese Fender Strat called “AERODYNE” ,and love it. Many great ratings on them, but I hear they are hard to find.

But, as you can see, I have no axe shortage.


A maple finish man! :sunglasses: Nice array of strings you have my friend. I’ve been around…just busy redoing my setup. Traded up from my X Air 16 to the X 18, so I’ve redone all my tracks and such and had to redo racks (both physical and C3 wise) and mixer setups as well. Our mutual friend has been a big help in that regard. Took a bit of a detour over the holiday weekend hanging out with my 14 month old grand-daughter. Much like the Who, she’s gone mobile! Keeping up with her was like running a marathon. The sugar didn’t help the situation at all!!! Hope you had a great holiday.


I did! Played with Hank Williams Jr’s drummer Saturday nite(actually, he played with us). My ears are still ringing, lol! Played organ for Sunday services. Just turned down an offer to play Bass on Beale Street (ugh) with a Jerry Lee Lewis imitator. Staying busy as always. Good to know things are going great for you. Thanks to OP for letting me hijack this thread.



P.S. PM me sometime, would like to see what you are doing on your setups.


Played Sat. night and dragged yourself out of bed for Sunday service…I’m impressed. I’ll take the Jerry Lee gig…oh wait a minute…I forgot I don’t play bass, lol. Good to hear you’re keeping busy. Will do on the PM



That my friend…is a Memphis thing. Local musicians playing bars on Saturday nite and Churches on Sunday morning. That’s how they make a living. AND…they never are dragged out of bed, as they never went to bed. :sunglasses:


A little picture of my rig from the side of the stage after sound-checking at the IQ show on Saturday in Bilston, UK. Note essential Cantabile stickers on the rack :slight_smile:



Cool. Hope you had a good show, and that new album is coming along… :slight_smile:


Cheers Derek! Yes, fun show!! Album coming along nicely, thanks… :slight_smile:


I just started using a Behringer UM202HD which is what I thinking I’m looking down on in your photo. I’m very happy with it.