Show me your Cantabile Rig!


I want one of those !!!


Thanks FredProgGH. I had fun building it. Going from a 3 tier stand with 3 keys to a simplified streamlined setup is a godsend. I had something similar previously, but it was just for gear. I had soft cases for my keys and carried those separately from all the gear. I’d get my daily cardio just running trips to the truck.


Corky…you can have one for the low, low price of…lol. If you know anybody with woodworking skills, it wouldn’t be too hard to make one for yourself. You can tailor it to fit your equipment. I pirated the casters/handles and some of the twist locks from a previous case, but all totaled, it only cost me about $150.00 to make.

You could go more costly and order all the channel and stuff from a place like, but I went to Home Depot for everything except the twist locks and the handles. I plan on a coat of Duratex later on, but for now, I rolled on two coats of Rustoleum truck bed liner on the exterior and just flat black for the interior.


Thanks Steve :grin: I have a guitar player that is really a talented woodworker, builds many of his own guitars in fact. After I saw your post I shot this idea by him, and he is willing to help me make this happen. Hope you don’t mind me stealing your idea. I have been exploring ways of less trips to my truck, and having everything mostly pre-wired. Thanks for the info. If I get this working, I will post some pics.




Corky…whatever makes your life easier is fine by me. Steal away!



So_godly, way back on post 32-ish you show a pic of your live setup. What kind of keyboard stand is that? Looks like it folds up and is like an inverted V.


Very cool setup Steve. Looks efficient and productive. Nice one.


Vonnor…it’s an OnStage Z stand. I have since modified my setup even further. Now all I do is take the controller and place it below, lower the second tier as far as it goes and then lower the overall level of the bottom as low as it goes and secure the 2nd tier keyboard with two bungies and away we go (of course after unplugging USB’s and such). Less than 10 min setup and break down


David…thanks. It is both. As I mentioned in the post to Vonnor, I no longer have to separate the stand and fold it up the way it looks in the photo. I simply lower both levels and pop on the lid. Reverse it for setup, plug in and test. It couldn’t be easier unless I had a keyboard roadie…fat chance of that happening.


LOL!! :smile:
That’s something I can definitely relate to!


I had a keyboard roadie for awhile but she divorced me.


Good one! :rofl: Those roadies are hard to come by


Before spawning any roadie progeny?



Yes…but my progeny got his own real roadie. Toured with Saliva and a few other bands of that era. Didn’t have time to roadie for dear old Dad. :cry:


Hey SteveK… I actually was asking So_Godly (Sven) about this stand in his post a long while back:

Anybody recognize that thing?

~ vonnor


Same here! She was a good cook too.


Connor…I’m crushed, lol! That stand looks very familiar, but I just can’t remember the brand name



Hi vonnor, it’s a ruka,
that I modified with a TV arm for my laptop.
Only thing is, I can’t find any similar stands myself. I guess it’s 20 yrs old now.
I love the stand, it’s stable and very handy, all in 1. Couldn’t do it with another stand.
Only thing with it is that you have to screw unscrew the ground stands, the feet, every concert…
It’s in shape of a inverted V indeed /\


Built a new Rack with Surface inside ( in the Lower Rackdrawer , so i can close it when i dont need it.

Cantabile is working in the background and with the surface touch display i can handle my Mixing Console perfectly via Network.
On my synth there is only a IPad Mini for Songtext (OnSong - App)
All conected with cables (no Wifi…Wireless…) only good old wires.

At home it is possible to connect 2 Monitors on the backside with Hdmi and mouse and Keyboard directly on the front USB also Dongles and Usb-Sticks.

So I think it is perfekt for me… Light at the end of the tunnel :grinning:


Cantabile in New Jersey… not the best picture, but the best one of the laptop :wink: