Show Buddy Active?

I’m using Show Buddy Active (basiclly DMXis) to program some lights and I can’t seem to figure out how to make a binding that will load up the different banks when I load up a new song. Does anyone know how this is done?

Sounds like it is bindings and triggers you need (requires Performer, though). Or is the question about how to send a banked program change? If so, then the banks are encoded in CC00 and CC32.

Hi, I use the DMXIS VST directly and only use PROGRAM number changes to select a song and notes to select the cue. These are embedded in a MIDI sequence that I have in a Cantabile Media Player in my song for a synced light show with the backing track

That works quite nicely, but don’t know about Showbuddy

Thanks I’ll give that a go! I’ve got it working with a midi sequence in a media player but was wanting to use a binding as well.


I finally figured out using a midi sequence in a media player. I had some strange things happening in Show Buddy that were messing with me. It’s all good now!