Shoutout to HARMAN INT'L / AKG

Good customer service deserves a shoutout imo.

My Austrian made AKG K701 headphone cord started acting up. I really want to stick with those cans since I have a custom headphone amp with bass curve matched to them.

So I emailed Harman to see if they had a replacement. Got a response within a few hours with their parts manual attached with the question “so, you need part number xx?”

I responded “yes” and within 30 minutes I get another email saying “give me your address and I’ll ship you one free of charge”

That was late last week.

Today I get an email from UPS saying “your package from Harman is arriving today”.

Awesome service from Harman!!!


Same happened to me. I had a broken Lexicon MPX200, which needed 2 front panel controls. I wrote to them and the first response said “Too old, no joy.” A day later, I got an email stating that they found one of the items, and they sent it for free. Outstanding service from Harman - the unit LIVES!