Should we still use VST2?

Hi guys,
As a relatively new user of Cantabile 3 Performer, I’m curious whether there’s any performance difference between using either of the 64 bit versions of VST2 and VST3, furthermore, should I delete the VST2 versions of my plugins and just use VST3?

My OCD wants to declutter my system from all of this plugin duplication :crazy_face:


VST3 plugs are more efficient than VST2. I keep my 2’s only because I am stuck with the settings on a few, and there are occasional problems with some VST3’s in Cantabile and DAWs. But, for the most part, you would probably be ok to trash some of your VST2’s. I figure it this way…the dll’s usually don’t take enough room on my drive to worry about them.




I’ve been using VST3 with any new plugins I’ve bought. A couple of others I have switched over, but in general I haven’t replaced many of my VST2. I don’t have time to test the older plugs or do the research to find out if other users are having issues are having any issues with a particular VST3 plug.

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Thank you gents, I only use about 6 plugins in total but they show up multiple times because of different VST versions and bit depths. I’ll go through settings and only leave the VST3 search path which should neaten things up and see what errors I get in Cantabile :wink: being under strict lockdown with over a week to go, I have plenty of time to experiment :grimacing:


my experience:

  • If they work well the better, no matters if VST2 or VST3. Then, I’m a bit stuck (too) with lots of presets and quite lazy to reconfig DAWs and Cantabile.
  • Don’t install both 2 and 3 at the same time.
  • Is my PC a mess (I’m OCD-free :sweat_smile: )? Don’t mind, a rock solid system is the key.

Hi Pete,

I always put VST2 64 bit dll’s in vendor folders - So my path is C:\MUSIC\_Plugins\VST64\GSI for example for VB3 II. I’ve moved all these that have a working VST3 equivalent on my system to C:\MUSIC_Plugins\VST64_Park

Once in a rare while a vendor installer will ask where you want to put VST3 dll’s but most don’t so I decided to go with the VST3 default location which is C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

My OCD therapist said this is OK so but I’m still struggling with this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you truly had OCD it would be your CDO therapist …. :wink: