Should I "chop" a Korg C-3500?

I can help a friend clean house by taking his Korg C-3500 family piano (vintage 1995). The action seems ok and it has midi out. I like doing crazy projects. The keyboard is in a big wooden case with speakers. I was thinking about chopping it down in size and putting it on a x stand so I have a weighted 88 key controller. It would stay in my studio. Any advice/comments welcome.

Heck yeah! There’s nothing sacrilegious about taking a saw to a C-3500.

Hi Fred, thanks for the quick input. Your facebook post helped instigate this. Also MusicGurus gave me two free courses for blues piano. If anyone is interested the Promo Coupon is TOGETHER100. They list which courses are currently offered this way on the website. I’m going to woodshed on 88 singing the Covid Blues :sunglasses:

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I actually bought a Williams piano first at a pawn shop for $100 and started playing it before getting the Studiologic. The action on the Williams is kind of heavy and yet spongy :smiley: It’s like playing a terrible acoustic guitar with high action; get used to that and then get back on a better action and it feels like you can do anything.


I did a little poking around on YouTube and found a wonderful Aussie* who explained how to do clean cuts to melamine veneer (particle board finished with black plastic veneer that the C-3500 is built with) so I’m ready. I’ll take some video.