Several small bugs

Hi all!
Just bought V3 and its kicking ass :wink:
Anyway, i found some small bugs to report, all GUI-related:

Ticker Bar
Onscreen Keyboard

Turning them on is working, but you can’t turn them off again. You can “slide” some of them away so that they disappear, but I am not able to get rid of the TickerBar.

Resizing of upper or lower TickerBar has no minimum or maximum, so if i decrease the size strange things are happening :wink:

No big thinks, just wanted to report them.

Greetings, Tom

Hi Thomas,

Glad you’re enjoying Cantabile!

This behaviour of the bars is by design.

  • Resizeable panels/bars can be hidden by resizing to nothingness.
  • Any panel/bar that takes focus can be hidden by moving focus to it and pressing Shift+Escape or using the menu item:
  • Metronome can be hidden by clicking the metronome button again (that’s inconsistent - can’t remember why).

The rationale for this is that I really don’t like little X’s all over the place to close things. Also if the commands were to toggle visibility, when you press a short cut key, sometimes it’ll hide the panel and sometimes it’ll show it.

By having the command always show it, you know you can always move focus there with the shortcut key. eg:

Ctrl+K always shows the on-screen keyboard
Ctrl+K then Shift+Escape will always hide the on-screen keyboard
Escape will always move focus from a panel back to the main content area.

I realize it’s a little confusing to start with but once you get used to it, it is better. (IMO)

Limits on the ticker bar font size are probably a good idea.