Setting up for a MONO PA?

If I were to get a MONO PA, say a Bose L1 system, how would one set up C3 (apart from the obvious panning controls) where I can still get a sound feed to both sides of the headphones but in mono? I use IEMs for live work, so need this to be functional.

Been trying a couple of different things, but I cannot seem to get it to work. All I get is sound in either the left or right side of the IEMs.

Hi @pax-eterna,

It sounds like you just want to map a stereo output port to mono? This could be done in a couple of ways.

If you want to convert a stereo output to a mono output but on two channels, you could do this by mapping 50% of each channel to both the left and right outputs:

If you’re just trying to map a stereo output to a mono output signal you simply make the port mono. If you connect a stereo signal to this port Cantabile will mix it down to mono and send it to the one output channel on your sound card.

Make sense? Or have I missed the point?



Thanks Brad, yeah #2 is the go I reckon! Nope, you got the point exactly haha!



Reason is I am looking at getting a Bose L1 system of some sort.

Bose L1 are awesome. I used 1 in a couple of bands before. Only problem is when the guitar player won’t turn down. :slight_smile:

Most interfaces come with a mixer app that allows you to set the right and left channels to center. I’m using an Echo DJ laptop interface with two pairs of outputs. One pair is set up as a stereo out and the other as two mono outs. Be aware that there can be phasing issues. The tone of VST instruments like pianos can change a lot when you sum the channels.

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