Setting up embedded rack states


I was experimenting with rack states. I set up two song states, one with a full note range and another with the upper half of a split. I set up a binding to program changes 1 & 2. Then I put two instruments in an embedded rack. i set up two states, to select the two instruments. When I tried to set up bindings on program change 3 & 4 I got weird results.

If I set the states to 3 & 4, then did a “right click” learn to do the binding and selecting the appropriate patch change number, they didn’t respond.

With the rack states set to 3 & 4, setting up the binding to “any program change” worked… however … they ALSO responded to program changes 1 & 2. i.e. both 1&3 would select the one instrument and 2 & 4 would select the other. What am I doing wrong?


Hi ohernie,

Could you post your your bindings page from the song level and also the bindings page for your embedded rack? It would help to see it to figure it out.



I banged on it long enough and figured it out - managed to create a generic full/splits rack coupled to a sounds rack, each with their own states. The 2x2 CC rack filtering example helped - thank you. I’m beginning to see that, while C3 is an engineering marvel, the layout, with it’s lack of a strong visual hierarchy, is going to give me a major headache. There’s a real need for the intra-rack area to look a lot different from the global rack area. Or at least to add a thick bar between them. I can also see the need for a lot of pre-planning. I assume I’ll get used to it .


What are you actually trying to achieve? It sounds like a rather complex solution, which makes me intrigued about what exactly you’re trying to do.



Just setting up a situation where a midi handling “split / no_split” rack feeds right hand and left hand (bass) sound racks. If the no_split state is selected, everything goes to the right hand rack. If the split state is selected, then the note messages go to the respective left & right racks. This way I don’t have to create a state for every possible combination.

This patch selection model is based on the way patches are selected in arranger keyboards.


Aha I see what you mean. I guess if you always have your keyboard split in the same place, it makes it more convenient to just have a rack and a few rack states to handle that.

In my songs, the split points are different for every song state, so it couldn’t work for me!



Two different performance philosophies, two different audiences. If the pics of your rig are any example, you’re doing stage shows. I prefer playing bars … on the floor. You need to present a composition. I need real time interaction. You’re best served by finely tuned songs. I’m better off with a large palette of instantly available sounds. Cantabile doesn’t care … < g >


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Ultimately, it’s a testament to @brad and Cantabile that it can be the perfect tool in both situations…and in theatre pits, stadiums, TV studios and bedrooms alike!



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