Setting up Cantabile + Omnisphere with a keyboard

Hello everyone,

I´m a guitar player and I´m starting to mess around with keyboards a bit. I have purchased Omnisphere 2 recently and I would like to set up my keyboard to play it´s sound patches using Cantabile on live performances at my church.

Is there anybody willing to guide me through this process? I have currently no clue how to do it.

Thank you,

This should help you get started. Check the rest of the channel and subscribe to catch Brad’s newer tutorials as they come out.

Hi Henrique,

The simplest way I think to get started would be to have a song layer only with no racks, just your omnisphere plugin loaded and routed. You would select the sound by opening the omnisphere plugin gui and selecting a sound. You would need to select your omnisphere plugin and go to the State Behaviors- Plugin panel to make sure you have selected “Entire Bank” switch so that Cantabile saves it’s own preset of your omnisphere patch when you save the song. Then you can save as this song as another song with a new name and change it’s patch to whatever you need and repeat for each song you wish to create. You can then build a set list with the songs you defined in the order you would like them to be. That is the main outline of this method, it is simple but easy to do and to read later as there are not a lot of layers and pages to it. If you need specific help or screen shots then post your questions as you work through it.