Setlist to Background Rack State

I’d like to have, essentially, two mutually-exclusive background racks. When I pull up one setlist, I’d like to have opening that setlist change the state of the background rack. Does anyone know of a way to make this happen? Ideally, I’d like this to be independent of any particular song - so that I can pull songs in and out of the setlist, and not worry about what song I saved the setlist to start on.


You could use different configs as explained here

or perhaps Rack States in the Background rack.

The background rack states is what I am using - I’m trying to figure out how to trigger the background rack state change on setlist load.

Hi scheater5,

You could put a song at the top of the setlist that sent the CC message to the BG rack before the regular song selections in the rest of the list.

Here are shown a couple of “first song” bindings that use the Loopback - Onscreen Keyboard port to set to the BG rack state using a binding,

Here is the Background Rack binding used to set the BG rack state. Notice it uses the normal Onscreen port and not the Loopback.

Hope this helps … :smile: