Setlist Pre-loading Usability Question

Now that set-list pre-loading has been out for a little bit, I’ve got some questions about it’s usability.

Currently the pre-load flag is saved in the set list and whenever the set list is loaded, if it’s pre-load is enabled the songs are pre-loaded. Is this the best way for this to work?

Some alternatives:

  1. Pre-loading is always a manual, explicit operation and not-persisted (this would also require some better visual feedback on the current preload status)
  2. There’s a prompt before preloading.
  3. Pre-loading is a global option, not stored in the set list.

I think the main thing I’m concerned about is invoking a pre-load (which can be slow) when it’s not wanted. (Note that you should be able to cancel a pre-load, but I’ve had a report that the progress window isn’t appearing - this will be fixed).

Also a related to this. Currently on startup Cantabile will always re-load the last used set list, including pre-loading the songs if enabled. Soon there will be an option to not automatically re-load the last set list.

I think the current system works well - for my own use I’d have “live” setlists which have the pre-load flag set, and other setlists for rehearsing, other general stuff, which would probably have the flag cleared. You could always keep this behaviour but give a global option for whether you want prompting before preloading.

Either way, some visual feedback on the current preload status would be great regardless, just to give some peace of mind if nothing else.

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In my opinion, Yes. However it would also be nice to have Alternative 2 combined with the current method. That way you would have to have a stop before anything starts to load. This could help if I choose the wrong set-list and want choose a different one but doesn’t cause too many clicks. I also think the status indicator is a good idea.

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Just for the record, there’s a new option now (build 3098) in Options -> Songs to enable/disable whether the last set list is automatically reloaded when Cantabile starts.