Set maximum parameters for plugin gain

I often map CC knobs from my controller to plugin gains so I can bring certain sounds in and out while playing. Is there a way to limit the top (and even bottom) amounts so I don’t get distortion?

For example, in Unify I can create a mapping and have CC0 = -30db and CC127 = 0db. I can quickly change this mapping visually, and even create custom curves, etc. In this way, if I crank the knob to 127 I won’t get distortion, and if I turn the knob all the way to zero I’ll still hear some sound. By default when I map a knob to plugin gain in Cantabile, I really have to watch out because if I go over +3db with some sounds I get distortion, and CC127 = +7.3dB which is way too hot especially with other layers already in play.

Yes, I could add compressors but that’s not the point; I shouldn’t have to if I don’t need compression for other reasons.

Hi Lowell,

I’m not sure if this what you mean but Cantabile does this in the bindings area already. You can enhance the curve after it’s range is set too …


For the bindings to work you have to set the MIDI input route to notes only to force the CC’s to the bindings and the notes through the input route.

Hope this helps



sorry, wrong posting

Thanks, @dave_dore. That looks like what I want. I’ll give it a try.

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