Set List / Verify gives "Object Reference" error (build 3266 x64)

Set List / Verify gives error: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.

On further investigation:

I tried creating a new set list, and verifying after adding each song one at a time. There was one particular song causing the problem. I “saved as” this song to a different name. The new song does not cause the error from Set List / Verify.

So fixed as far as I am concerned, unless you would like me to send you the problem song file, @brad?

Hi Danny,

Yes, please email me a copy of the song and any related racks.

Best guess: the song was in an old saved format and something about it not quite wired up exactly how th verify set list functionatilty wants it. Probably an easy fix if I can repro it.


It appears that one particular plugin was causing the error - (JBridged) B5 organ.

Fixed after doing a full plugin rescan.

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