Set List Verification

Hey Guys

I’ve just put a up a new build 3170 that has a first pass attempt at set list verification. It’s still a bit rough around the edges but I’d be interested to see what sort of results people get with more complex set ups.

It runs through every song, rack, plugin, media player, route, states, bindings, triggers etc… looking for various errors and generates a HTML report with clickable/expandable sections that let you see what went wrong:

The report still needs work - let me know what else you’d like to see in there.

CC: @Torsten I think you were waiting on this.



Great stuff! Works a treat - I particularly love the final summary of missing files.

The only two suggestions I’d make:

  • allow a setting to ignore specific issues across the setlist. I have a number of standard triggers in all of my songs to set volumes for all racks. Once I delete the unused racks, the triggers have no valid target, which the set list verifyer (I call it The Central Scrutinizer) flags as errors. However I like leaving them in the song - makes it easier to re-insert those racks later when I need them. So, a simple option to ignore certain errors would tidy up the report for me.
  • give an option to have all items collapsed, even if they have errors - again, could make things just slightly more manageable

But overall: a GREAT addition to keep my setups in sync across all of my machines!!!

Thanx, @brad!



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Helped me find a problem of “abandoned” bindings. May have been the root cause of crashes I was experiencing.

Hi @Torsten,

I’d like to avoid having options for this, but I’ve made a couple of changes:

  1. Made the checks on routes, triggers and bindings a bit smarter so they won’t show errors if they’re disabled. So you should be able to disable those triggers and clean up your report
  2. The error sections will stay expanded by default, but I’ve added a link at the top right of the report to expand/collapse all errors.


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I have a few suggestions for useful information to include in the verification output. They’re not strictly “errors”, but nonetheless useful for identifying possible problems, cleanup of stuff no longer required, general rack/song maintenance etc.

  • A list of all plugins used in the setlist, including full plugin path. Nested under each, a list of racks or songs the plugins are referenced from

  • A list of all racks used in the setlist, and nested under each, a list of songs that use each rack

  • A list of plugins used in the setlist that need to be loaded bridged

  • Song/rack parameters which are set to have state behaviour, but have exactly the same value for all song/rack states, so could be contenders for switching off state behaviour

  • For racks used in the setlist, a list of rack states that are never referenced in any songs in the setlist (this is a weird one, but the migration from C2 to C3 has left me with lots of racks with rack states for each of my C2 songs, including songs the racks weren’t used in - it would be nice to clean this up, but not easy currently).

  • Routes that are disabled in all states

  • Plugins/racks that are suspended in all states



All good idea. Logged it.


In the meantime I made a little Python script to extract some of this information. It’s so nice having all of Cantabile’s data in an open text format! :relaxed:



Looking forward to this!

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