Set List Sort Ordering

The band I play in has a large library of songs (in the 60’s) not all of which get played at gigs. So I have a set list which includes all the band’s songs and then before a gig I will drag and drop the songs to the top in the order needed for that gigs set. I leave all the remaining songs at the bottom of the list because the band has a nasty habit of changing the set list on the fly as the mood dictates :frowning: .

I therefore would like to sort the setlist in alphabetic order to quickly find the song I want, select it then return to the original setlist order. I can do this now by using mouse commands. When I first create the playlist order I have to remember to re-assign program numbers (from 1 upwards) then use the mouse to sort alphabetically, then use the mouse again to sort by programme number. This is a bit clumsy and time consuming for live use.

I can’t find short cut keys for any of the operations I want and I can’t find a way of doing this with bindings.
Ideally I would like to use a keyboard button to toggle the setlist view between Alphabetical and original load order.

Any ideas anyone? Was thinking maybe using bindings and eternal script for key strokes but not sure how to do that,

In the Cantabile Trello there is a card called Set List Improvements that mentions “Tags” which could be used as follows:

Helpful for band that plays any of 100 songs - be able to filter list for particular night’s subset of songs by tagging such as 2018-01-05 - if ad hoc request comes up remove tag filter to quickly get to song

I read an article about Billy Joel’s conductor/keyboardist. He’s not sophisticated enough to use Cantabile :wink:, he uses Mainstage and two iPads. One iPad has the set list, the other iPad has every song, in alphabetic order (because Billy never sticks to the set list). He can pick a song from either iPad and it sends a PC to Mainstage.

BTW, The backend is 2 Mac’s, both get MIDI IN and run all the time, a switch determines which output goes to FOH.

At least he doesn’t use Ableton!

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It’s always interesting to know how people use their live rigs.
Would love a binding to achieve sort order @Brad :pray:t2:

Hi @AlanMHughes

Cantabile’s set list already has ordering (just right click on the set list and you’ll see sort commands). Do you really need a binding for this?



A binding from a keyboard CC or short cut on the laptop would be a much quicker way of getting to a song requested in a live environment.

Do you really want to “sort” your set list during performance?

If you just want to locate a song in the set list quickly, hit F3 and type away…

I’m think a complete alphabetic list in Cantabile, and set list on forScore (because I like leadsheets) with MIDI Program Changes… Now if I pull up a song in C3 from the alphabetic list, whence comes the lead sheet? Hmmmm

A slightly old-fashioned approach for such situations:

  • keep all songs in a pre-loaded setlist
  • give each a unique number
  • print (yes!) an alphabetic list of all songs and their song numbers to keep next to your Cantabile laptop
  • drag & drop your songs of the current gig set to the top of the setlist and arrange your planned gig list there
  • when an un-planned song comes up, simply find the song on your printed sheet (much faster than re-sorting your setlist and scrolling), type its number and hit “s” - Cantabile will jump right to that song
  • now your only problem is getting back to your original gig list afterwards - but since the sequence stays intact, you’ll manage that by scrolling up…




Does “LivePrompter” provide for the loading of Lyric Sheets with the Cantabile Set List Song number? I use “forScore” (because I use a lot of sheet music and I can send Program Change info (containting Song Number) when the forScore song loads.


Or, press F3 and type the first few letters of the song and then Enter.

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Hey Doug,

there are two ways to connect LivePrompter and Cantabile:

  1. LivePrompter leads: you can define a MIDI bank/program change for every LivePrompter song file. LivePrompter will then send this bank/program change to Cantabile when it loads a song. As long as all your Cantabile songs (for a project / band) are contained in a (pre-loaded) set list and have unique bank/program numbers, you can create a background rack binding that will then automatically load the correct Cantabile song as soon as you start viewing a song in LivePrompter

  2. Cantabile leads: LivePrompter can also react to receiving bank/program changes from Cantabile. With a binding in Cantabile, you can send out the current song’s bank/program via MIDI, and LivePrompter will then automatically display the correct song (provided you have defined the correct program/bank numbers both in Cantabile and LivePrompter.

I use scenario 1, since I run LivePrompter on a tablet right in front of me, while my Cantabile laptop sits behind me on stage. At the same time, I use Cantabile bindings to send start/stop/next song commands to LivePrompter via MIDI, so I don’t need to fiddle with the touch screen all the time - I prefer tactile buttons…

See the detailed manual “LivePrompter and Cantabile” here.

BTW: since its latest Beta version, LivePrompter also allows embedding pictures - I use this for notation snippets in my lyric/chord sheets. Maybe also useful for your sheet music requirements? You’ll probably want to split longer sheet music documents into smaller snippets in order to use differentiated scrolling speeds between sections and to allow you to insert comments / annotations in between.



Even better! I think I’ll have to work on something like this for LivePrompter. A simple touch-oriented “song picker” popup (T9 keyboard?) to quickly jump to a song outside the current set list - maybe even with automatic return to the previous position in the setlist after the song. Something for the next somewhat significant release…




Thanks all for your ideas. I had forgotten the F3 function. That’ll probably do it. It’s still a few keystrokes though.