Set List [Revert] should not have Ellipsis (...)

I wasn’t sure what Set List (hamburger symbol) => [Revert…] did, but since it had the ellipsis (…) at the end, I figured it was safe since it would bring up a window. Not so!

Maybe @brad could remove the ellipsis, to avoid the unneeded angst that I am now experiencing …

Thanks for reporting, I just checked this and it does prompt before reverting, but only if the set list has been modified. But… if the set list is not modified it reloads it anyway.

I’ve made a change for the next build so that it only prompts and reloads if the set list is modified. If it’s not it’s a no-op.

Hold the press… just noticed there’s something weird going on with the modified state when using Duplicate command. I’ll get it sorted.