Set List Builder Requirements

One of the currently most voted for features on Trello is a Set List Builder and I just want to clarify what the expectations for this are.

My current thoughts are a popup window with two lists - the left one showing the songs in the current set list, the right one is a list of songs in the “Songs Folder”. Double clicking a song adds it to the set list, selecting multiple songs and clicking the add button adds them, commands for re-ordering songs in the set list and perhaps a way to choose a different folder from which to select songs.

What else would you like to see in a set list builder?

It would be useful to be able to select an existing setlist and use it as a starting point for creating a new one. Probably a trivial point, but I felt it was worth mentioning because I imagine a lot of us need to do that.


TBH, I don’t really see the point. You already have a setlist function and as long as one can “order” songs in that and save it (whcih asfaik is already the case), I see anything else as a bit of a duplication.

IMO, your energies would be better spent elsewhere Brad hahaha!



Agreed. I’m quite content with the current arrangement.

I suppose being able to drag and drop songs from Explorer onto the Set List panel might be nice (If you haven’t already done it, Brad?)


That was my gut feel too, but this item has been up-voted quite a bit on Trello, so I was assuming there’s still a pain point here and hence the reason for posting this topic before starting on it.

This can be done by simply opening the starting point set list and using “Save As” to create a new list with it’s contents.

So my impression about all this is that everything necessary can be done but perhaps the workflow could be streamlined a bit. Maybe rather than a set list builder, the current set list panel can be improved. Some ideas:

  1. A popup modeless window that shows all songs in the song folder and lets you double click to add them - I think that would cover the main use case of a set list builder.
  2. As mentioned above, drag drop from Explorer.
  3. Ability to import all songs from another set list
  4. Personally I don’t find drag/drop for re-ordering terribly efficient and prefer the keyboard commands (Ctrl+Up/Down). Thoughts?

Let me know - what are the main pain points with set list building?


Brad - 1,2,3 and 4(??) are more than enough IMO! If anyone wnats more than that, then all I can say is they are not using the function properly in the first place hahaha!

re 4, using the mouse to click(hold) and then move in the list is very handy especially when dealing with small laptop screens where the touch mode is not all that good…this is when the screen is in tablet mode. I mean you still need to highlight the song with the mouse anyway (unless the TAB key will get you there?) so having a mouse operation sorta makes sense??


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I agree, I use Ctrl+Up/Down all over the place in Cantabile, and prefer it to using the mouse. I love Cantabile’s rich set of shortcuts for common operations!

One little feature request for the setlist - the ability to move a multi-selection up and down (a contiguous one I guess).


Build 3173 is up now, includes:

  • When using File -> Add -> Songs to Set List shows a new modeless song picker - double clicks songs to add, also some other useful things in there.
  • New command File -> Add -> Import Songs from Existing Set List
  • You can now drag songs from Window Explorer onto the set list. (Currently they’re always added to the end of the set list, might change this when I do drag drop within the set list)
  • Multiple selection in the set list and states panel can now be moved up/down.

(@Neil_Durant I haven’t forgotten your jump prevention issue - it’s on my list).

  • You can now drag songs from Window Explorer onto the set list. (Currently they’re always added to the end of the set list, might change this when I do drag drop within the set list)

Does not work here?
What’s the trick?


Hi @Wurlitzer

Works for me:

  1. Drag From Explorer:

  2. Hover over set list:

  3. Drop:


Found the Problem:
Works for me, only if i start cantabile as a Standard User (not as Administrator).
Is this by design? Windows?

Otherwise, I get the following message, if i start cantabile without Administrator Privileges:

Drag & Drop between different access levels is not permitted - that’s a Windows issue, independent of Cantabile. Dragging between a “user level” and an “admin level” window will simply not work due to Windows restrictions.

Unfortunately, when using jBridge, you need to run Cantabile as administrator, otherwise you’ll get some funny behavior with bridged plugins. One of the reasons why I try to use only native x64 plugins in my (64 biti) setup - no need to use jBridge then.




Hi Torsten,
Yep, thank you for your explanation.Now I understand.
I like the idea to use only native x64 plugins, but one of my favorite plugins “Hypersonic 2” - it’s an old one “bread & butter” plugin will never updated. Developers “Wizzoo” do not exist anymore. :frowning:

Best regards

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@brad wrote:* Personally I don’t find drag/drop for re-ordering terribly efficient and prefer the keyboard commands (Ctrl+Up/Down). Thoughts?*

I would find drag n drop useful throughout, whether it’s states or setlists or bindings. I find my self instinctively going for it and then suffer a moment of surprise when I find it’s not there. Plus… you should be able to grab several entries at a time and drag n drop. Way faster than nudging one entry at a time, isn’t it? Sometimes you need a nudge -sometimes a drag :sunglasses:

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Hi @Ade,

Yeah I’m not against drag drop but there’s a couple of technical reasons why I can’t do it right now (relating to the list view class I use and touch screens). These issues I’m hoping to fix in part of the port to OSX since I’ll be redoing that control then.

In the meantime, don’t forget you can multiple select and Ctrl+Up/Down to move multiple selection in the set list and states panels.


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