Set List Bindings: Instant vs Delayed?

I tried to find information on this in the help guides and by searching this forum, but got nothing. What does Delayed do exactly?

Thanks for the help.

Never mind! I just came across the User Guide for Cantabile v2 (PDF) thanks to Google. Is there a PDF user guide for version 3 yet?

Hi Manuel,

There is no pdf guide for version 3, just the online guides at website. Maybe later? …


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This might set the record for reviving an old thread … but I could not easily locate this info … the difference between the (Delayed) and the (Instant) variants of the Load Song bindings.

Here’s an excerpt from the Cantabile 2 manual. I’ve added some annotations in italics for clarity:

Delayed Session (Song) Loading

Delayed session (song) loading is a feature where instead of instantly loading the next or previous
session (song), Cantabile displays a small window indicating the name of the session that is about to be
loaded. If no further load next/previous commands are received in the next 2 seconds, the
session is loaded.

The purpose of delayed loading is to allow fast navigation through a list of sessions without
having to wait for each to load as the next button is repeatedly pressed. With delayed session
loading you can continuously press next/previous until you find the session you want then have
it load.

For the next/previous commands on Cantabile’s toolbars, delayed loading is the default, but can
disabled by a setting in Set Lists Options.

For MIDI controller assignments to these commands, there are two sets of assignments
available - one delayed and one instant.

I’m sure there’s a better way to use this than mine, but I use it instead of a state change on one of my synths. The Juno-DS has sounds in banks. I load the solo sound first, then delay load the verse/chorus sound (from another bank). When I change banks on the keyboard, my solo sound is ready and waiting.

Extremely helpful for a new user. Thank you.

I’d never have thought to read pdf manuals from earlier versions, to discover answers veteran users take for granted.

Perhaps if such manuals were readily available, I could catch up.

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There is via

Second para asks if you prefer a PDF guide, and the link is there.

So, probably not 100% obvious, but it’s there.

HTH. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Derek, I didn’t see that. :slight_smile:

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