Serum Version: no sound in latest build V4

I think there is a bug.

Xfer Serum vst3 no sound in build 4167 (64) it loads the vst but you cant play the keys with the mouse or use midi. Serum works in other hosts like blue cat’s patchwork.

Gr. David

Well the vst2 plugin works, so I will keep working with that one.

I have a system running a gen 2 i5 that has problems with some VST3 plugin versions - the VST2 always work in those cases. AmpliTube 5 is one. I have a replacement for this system, one of these days I’ll swap it out. I don’t want to troubleshoot until I retire this old box.

I tried the Serum demo to find out what the problem was.
Unfortunately, the demo is an old version (1.3.2) without VST3.
Anyway, as Doug said, I’d use VST2, which works fine.

And I don’t see any reason to think it’s a Cantabile bug.