Sequential Circuits/DSI Emulations/VSTs

Thought I would start this off with a question. Are there any good VST’s out there that specifically emulate any of the Sequential Circuits/Dave Smith Instruments Prophet polysynths? …not just in sound, but in the graphic user interface? I have a love and history of playing a Prophet, and it would be great to tweak the controls and presets the way I used to (without thinking of course).

I do have the SonicProjects OPX Pro II which gets the sound down, but having to tweak an Oberheim OBX control panel which is foreign to me.

I will interject with the one that I know about from Arturia, which is the Prophet V, which emulates both the Prophet 5 and the Vector.

Check out the new Repro from u-he it’s the hot item for the Prophet sound right now for many. In fact u-he also makes Diva a multi faceted synth that might cover many of the tones you seek.

Thanks Dave, …sounds good, more importantly, …looks like a dangerously close interface/GUI.

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The Arturia is quite good but Repro-1 is ridiculously good.

+1000 and the Repro-5 is insanely good! :slight_smile:

UH-E make my favourite VSTis right now.

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