Sequencer setup in c3?

Guys, please help me thing it out here.
I want to have some reaper setup in c3.
Like 8 tracks running with audio, midi and video. Would that be possible?
What plugins?

I have one song that uses 12 instances of the mediaplayer, some running MP3s and others running midi, without any problems whatsoever. I’ve not had any use for video so far so cannot help you there, but would certainly be interested in hearing other people’s ideas about this

Thx, yes I’d love to have a solution to get rid of reaper, to many troubles for my use.
For example in 1 song there are:

  • audio track with markers
  • track with lyrics
  • a track with program changes per song
  • voice fx preset change
  • dmx preset chance
  • video playing on that track

The point is to use c3 more as a sequencer in that way. So the when the song plays on the timeline the events happen.

Advantage in c3 is that i can easy change the playlist order.

@So_Godly I have a setup just like yours, though it also (using MIDI Machine Control) controls my pyrotechnics, raises and lowers the stage platform I am standing on to its extremes, manipulates the mechanical bull on stage with the guitarist sitting on it, and changes the light patterns in my costume. It also sounds an air horn, drives a Model A car onto the stage running over the drummer (though not really hurting him), and assists the bass player in performing a flip on his stage platform. Lastly, the bottom track turns on the “Applause” lights at the appropriate times.That’s one song.

Care for me to share my template with you?



:joy:yes please Whaha :joy::joy:
But seriously, i do this all with reaper

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