Sending program changes to a Korg midi module

Hi everyone! I’m new to this forum and would appreciate some help if you don’t mind.
I am using a number of virtual synths and having no problem. I am however, using a Korg 05R/W module with my setup. I would like to know how I can store program numbers in Cantabile so when I am stepping through my set list the module will automatically chang to what I need for the current song. I’ve been through the book for the module and do not see any information that has been helpful.
Thank you in advance.

It is really easy once you have it set up. Here are some screen shots of a song I play just using a Yamaha DX27 external synth. You need to have the Korg as one of your output ports. Then I use song states to change bindings that have program changes in them. The target needs to be the output port with the Korg. I also have the first state so it loads the starting patch when the song loads. The values are the patch numbers.

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Thank you for your assistance. Now for the next part of the puzzle. How do I know what the actual program numbers are I am needing to specify. Are they the actual program numbers on the module? A23, G45, 129, etc.?

A variation on that is to put the binding in a rack called Korg-05RW or suchlike, and choose external presets by selecting rack states. That makes it simpler to re-use across multiple songs. I do this with my Moog Voyager and Nord G2 Modular Engine.


The Korg manual should tell you how its banks and presets map onto MIDI bank and program change messags. That, plus a bit of trial and error should get you going.


Thanks guys. Is there any way for Cantabile to go and look at the module and see what program setting it is on and save it to my settings in Cantabile?


The DX27 has some weird things with its banks, so I just did some experimenting with the numbers, ie I tried out random numbers and looked at what came up on the keyboard. After a few tries, I figured out a pattern. By the way, there is a Korg users forum with a lot of helpful people:
Someone might help with the numbers there if you can’t get it from the manual.

I like Neil’s method of creating a rack better than my way and am going to try it.

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For my Korg Trinity I found (from the manual) there at 4 banks and patches 0 through 99 in each bank. For Cantabile, you would specify 1.23 for bank 1, patch 23. The patches may be off by 1 depending on how the 05w counts; whether it starts at 1 or 0. I used to have one, but I don’t remember. It seems like there were banks for factory patches, user patches, and General MIDI patches.

Also set up the rack so whatever MIDI you send it goes out to the external module. Then you can use the Korg module just like a VST rack :relaxed:


Sadly not…


Do you know about this editor for the Korg:


I still occasionally need my 05r/W (some old projects revisited) and this editor will show you all the patch numbers and lets you reorder things and save setups etc., as well as easily create new sounds.


Hey guys - thanks to your help I’m making progress.
New question - How do I enter a value in the program change column of my binding. I’ve got it to change to programs when going to the next song - but not the program I want. I’m sure I need to enter a value into the value column to specify what I want. Some trial and error I should be able to do this when I figure out how to enter the value.


Source = Song (on load)
Value = the program number

In the screen shots from my earlier response, I have it set to change programs everytime I change song states. You can do the same thing with the source set to Song (on load) if you want it to change through your set list.

By the way, I just finished setting up a rack for mine the way Neil suggested, and it works a lot better than the method with the song bindings. It’s ready to be loaded in any song now with my favorite patches set up like a regular VST rack.

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