Sending program change in V2 using a trigger to a Roland Juno DI

Hello, I have a Roland Juno DI synth that I am trying to send a trigger to change the patch when a session loads. I am having trouble getting the Juno DI to respond to program changes, I am checking the manual at All Pro Systems | Design, Installation and Support of Audio, Video and Lighting Systems for Churches, Education, Corporate and Government Facilities on page 127, and it is showing:

Sending any normal numbers for the patch change did not seems to get any response, nor did something like 1.127. Wondering if anyone might have any tips for me to send a trigger in Cantabile V2 to change a patch on the Juno DI?


I had a quick look at the link manual - it’s looks like a fairly standard implementation of program change and bank select.

In Cantabile 2, if you give the trigger a program number between 1 and 128 with no periods, it’ll send just the program change event. If you include a dotted bank msb/lsb number then it’ll send the bank select cc’s and then the program change event.

So, to start with I’d setup a trigger something like this:

Then press the little “Play” icon on the trigger slot:

and see if the Juno switches program. If its does then you might have a problem with when you’ve selected the trigger to fire. If not, check you’ve selected the right target device, right channel number etc…


Hi Brad, I am a little late getting back here but wanted to add some info after having some time to experiment. If I have the Juno DI pre-selected to a patch under 110 and send it a program change of 1-110, it will change those successfully.

However if I enter patch 111 it switches back to patch 001. If I manually switch the patch to 111 on the Juno DI using the DI’s data entry wheel, and then send program change 1, it sets it to 111. If I send a program change 2 it sets it to 114. If I enter a 3 it sets it to 116, 4 is 118 etc.

Depending on the category that is selected on the DI physically (Piano, Keyboard/Organ, Guitar/Bass, Orchestra, World, Brass, Vocal/Pad, Synth etc) and which number you have currently selected, the Juno DI responds differently to patch changes. If I am on the Synth category and select patch 628 for instance (yes these go up to 600+) and enter a program change of 1 it changes to 501. I can’t enter something like 628 in Cantabile, once I do it converts it to 4.116. This changes the patch to the World section and patch 073…

So testing out different random decimal entries (decimal number is what Cantabile is sending in program change, second number is what patch it changes it to on the Juno DI):

1.1 = (Piano) Patch 111
1.50 = (Orchestra) Patch 080
1.55 = (Vocal/Pad) Patch 148
1.128 = (World) Patch 115
2.1 = (Piano) Patch 111
3.1 = (Piano) Patch 111 (all x.1 entries do the same)

I’m a bit confused on how this is supposed to work for this keyboard, wondering if any of this triggers any thoughts. Thanks!

Hi @zorkiii

Wow, that seems all over the place and I can’t see any real pattern to what you’ve described. I’m not familiar with the Juno, but it sounds like there’s some sort of MIDI program -> Juno patch mapping going on. Perhaps a question for Roland?

Anyone else here on the forum familiar with the Juno have any idea what’s going on here?


(If you figure it out, please let me know - I’m curious what’s going on here)

Strange! But notice that the program changes for General MIDI instruments 1, 50, and 55 are piano, string ensemble, and synth choir, similar to the patches you’re getting. It’s as if the synth is set up such that it maps incoming GM program changes to good representations of these GM instruments spread across the available patches (rather than some synths that have a GM bank). Perhaps there’s a mode in the synth’s settings to enable/disable this. If not, perhaps the synth is designed just to allow access to 128 GM sounds using program changes?


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That’s a good thought, and it might be the case. I’ll mess with it more over the next few days to try to get some better idea. Talking with my bandmate today as it is his synth, apparently you can only save user programs to the 500+ patch ranges (I haven’t checked the manual on this yet). Most of everything he works with is in that range, when we had practice today I sent program changes while he was using patches 500+ and sending program change 1 set it to 501 I think, and program change 2 was 502 etc. 128 set it to 628, I think this might be usable in this way - as long as at the beginning of practice/show the synth is set to 500+ patch then I think things will work out. Just really strange, if we end up using lower number patches for anything and forget to switch it back up then sending automated program / bank changes is pointless. When I get more time I’ll comb the web to see if other people have run into this issue.

I just wanted to update, I am able to send patch changes to the Juno DI after using the midi learn in Cantabile 3. I just navigated to the patch I needed, changed the program down one, and then chose the midi learn in Cantabile and selected the patch I needed. From there I just checked the very last entry to see what the numbers were. Pretty handy, I should have used this before. I’m trying to wrap my head around how the Juno works in this respect, but since I can just use midi learn to see the patch change number I’ll just continue with this method. Here are some examples of what I need to enter in Cantabile to change to the respective patches on the Juno DI:

11203.27 = Bank 4 Patch 2 Name: Juno Strings
10880.44 = Bank 9 Patch 554 Name: 80’s Stack
11136.17 = Bank 3 Patch 517 Name: Alpha Synthbase 3
11136.18 = Bank 3 Patch 518 Name: Alpha Synthbase 3

No response needed on this really, I just thought I’d share.

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Hi zorkiii and all,

I know this is an old post but I have a juno-di that I still use and love and have put together this little guide to help anyone else in the same situation. The “logic” become clear when you use the “Learn Binding” tool and review the MIDI messages transmitted when you select patches on the Synth. The patch numbers follow a logical sequence just not the sequence we imagine when looking at the button lay-out. Anyway I thought I’d share my findings and hopefully this helps with determining the correct value. The Action I use is "Program Change (Banked) and the “Value” is set as follows. Two things to know. First: refer to the manual for the patch name you want to use. And sorry I have not included any GM patches except for the Rhythm Kits. I hope this helps someone.

Rhythm 11072.1 - .20 Juno Kits
Rhythm 15360.1 - GM2 Standard
Rhythm 15360.9 - GM2 Room
Rhythm 15360.17 - GM2 Power
Rhythm 15360.25 - GM2 Electric
Rhythm 15360.26 - GM2 Analog
Rhythm 15360.33 - GM2 Jazz
Rhythm 15360.41 - GM2 Brush
Rhythm 15360.49 - GM2 Orchestra
Rhythm 15360.57 - GM2 SFX

Piano :
11200.1 - .110

Key/Organ :
11200.111 - .128
11201.1 - 106

Guitar/Bass :
11201.107 - .128
11202.1 - .128
11203.1 - 11203.25

Orchestra :
11203.26 - 11203.94

World :
11208.02 -

Brass :
11203.95 - 128
11204.1 - 11204.42

11206.116 - 11206.128
11207.1 - 11207.128

Synth :
11204.43 - .128
11205.1 - .128
11206.1 - 115

Performance :
10944.1 - .64
10880.1 - .64 (User Performance Banks)


I own a Juno-Di. Can I send program change in Cantabile Solo? I either can’t find how to or having hard time to set both C3 and keys. Thank you.

HI ClaudeS,

excellent question but unfortunately no. The Solo version does not allow this feature only Performer. I looked around for a Midi VST program that could be used as a plugin do the same thing and I could not find anything. At least not the way Cantabile does. With C3 Performer this can be done when the song loads. Right now is a good time to upgrade because Brad has discounted the upgrade price a bit. Hope this helps.

BTW do you know of any Juno-Di forums where user can exchange ideas and patches? I would be interested in joining.

Best Regards,

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for your help. I’m sometime confused about things I’ve seen in Trial version…so many possibilities. Unfortunately I found no other forum than the one you probably look at. I’m using the Performance banks to store preset that I created with the software editor. But now with C3 I can do all keys splits, layers and patches. My Juno-Di is only use as a controller.